• Singarimelem

    Dance to the tune of singarimelem. We are affordable, relaiable and trusted team. We have participated in so many festivals like Onam, kumbaabishagam and Political Function in all over India. We have many members of energetic team that includes handsome men and beautiful women.Shingari melam also available. If you are interested Please contact us on 9884436365 and book in advance to avoid any disappointments.

  • Chenda melam

    Chendamelam is played using two sticks in the upper parchment. it givves out a loud and rigid voice .it is mainly played in hindu temples.It produces multiple vadhyas and magnificent sound.These are 7 types of melangal viz panchari, champa, chempada, adantha,anchadatha, druvam and pandy.Chenda melam is a cylindrical percussion instrument used widely in the Kerela and Karnataka states .It is cylindrical in shape The earlier 6 melams are called Chempada melangal two more melams navam and kalpam.Chenda melam makes your event memorable forever

  • Panchavadyam

    It means an orchestra of five instruments.It is a temple art form.Panchavadyam uses differnt intruments but is not closely related to any temple riual but uses a lot of improvisation on the beats on timil,maddalam,idakku.if it is afuedal art is a matter of debate among scholars . It may be the brain child of many artist .Thy created the void for rigid base therby aking it a five stage concert with a mix of composed and improvised parts